Who is Oakbridge Capital

Oakbridge Capital is a multidisciplinary investment and financial advisory boutique focused on identifying, unlocking and developing the full potential of ideas and companies, in various stages and sectors, that hold exceptional growth prospects. This will build strong and sustainable companies whilst in turn generating high returns for our investors.

Our approach begins with a top down analysis of the potential of a country, sector, company or idea and concept. We then utilize our extensive network of professionals to identify the most appropriate growth and investment vehicles through which our joint vision can be realized.

In pursuing these goals, we are driven by a core set of values which underpin our overall advisory and management philosophy, which are upholding principles of:
· corporate governance and transparency which exceed standards required nationally and internationally.
· corporate social responsibility that recognize the importance of people within everything we do.
· environmental and ecological sustainability that contribute to the well-being of mother earth.

Our approach is one that reflects our management’s extensive global knowledge across multiple industries and cannot be regarded as passive. Whilst recognizing the importance of delivering additional value to accelerate growing businesses, we also understand that money alone does not deliver success. Often by holding a board seat and being directly involved in strategic management, our team will support businesses in gaining access to the key decision makers and refine organizational structures necessary for them to achieve their potential.

From our home in Singapore, we pursue a geographic focus on Asia but recognize the global marketplace within which all firms must compete. As such, our network of professional advisors extends worldwide and drives our ability to originate expansion opportunities for businesses through the discovery of new markets, new partnerships and new acquisitions.

Why We Are Different

With many years of experience in finance (structured investments, banking, fund management and risk management) and in project development and other multiple sectors globally, our team comprises individuals from the ground and industry. Other professionals who possess specialized knowledge in the various sectors will complement the team as advisers and consultants.

Having access to multiple key resources on the ground, Oakbridge intends to capitalize on this strength unlocking opportunities in our focus sectors. Oakbridge will also at times have exclusive access to companies and projects which would give us that extra edge in any given competitive environment.

Oakbridge intends to bring certain concepts and ideas that have been tested and validated to add value to not just companies and investors but also contribute to the local community simultaneously!

Testament to our confidence is the fact that the managers will at times also be co-investing in the projects! Our strategy is focused whilst promoting inclusiveness and sustainability – our core values.